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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: teach the world nothing is impossible to make, you just have to make it.

Our goal is to provide top-notch design services that are truly one-of-a-kind. Our team can design and construct, as well as teach your team how to innovate and create for the future.

Be apart of the next generation of content creation and construction with the help of our design and engineering team. 




Regardless of your hobby, 
we have you covered! 

From concept to implementation, Esc by Design offers a wide range of products and services. From 3D printing, laser etching and cutting, custom electronics and programming to theming and design finish work as well as educational services. We strive to make dreams into reality through cutting edge innovation, design and education.


If you have a concept, Esc by Design can make it a reality.  



From custom electronics, puzzles and pieces to movie props and scenic set design, Esc by Design has a wide array of products and services that make the ordinary extraordinary.
Click HERE to check out just a few of our projects. 


What can Esc by Design do for you?

Custom Solutions
Our team strives to create new and unique solutions to problems that exist. Nothing in impossible when you view a problem through the correct lens  


In-house Manufacturing

Our team takes care of every step from concept to construction. Specializing in various manufacturing techniques, you can be assured our product is manufactured to last


Customer Engagement

Leave customers talking about the amazing puzzles and performance of one-of-a-kind products created for your unique setting


Creative Design 

Meet with our professional designers and engineers to create an idea of what a project should do. Our team can provide on-site demonstrations of our work as well as design input and consultations


Professional Knowledge 
Our team will take ideas and concepts from design board to reality. With thorough understanding of programming and electronic designs, our teams skill is unparalleled 


Hands-on Engagement 

Our team will not only create your custom product, but assist in the installation and deployment of a completely unique puzzle, prop or set piece 


Questions? Comments? Schedule an on-site consultation? Feel free to contact me personally: 

Robert Cook 

Director of Innovation & Design

Tel: +1 810-348-2807 (EST)

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